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What is a hunting camera: a functional camera dedicated to the field

Speaking of hunting cameras, perhaps many people have not heard of it. Many digital novices think that cameras are only digital cameras and SLRs. Closer to home, hunting camera, as the name suggests, is a special camera designed for hunting in the wild. In layman’s terms, if you know that deer often haunt this area, you can tie this camera to a tree or place it in a place with a better view. For example, if you come back a week later and find that the deer is photographed by the camera at 4 o’clock every afternoon, then you can come here by 4 o’clock tomorrow.

The hunting camera automatically activates the camera by temperature sensing. This is the original function of the hunting camera. But the shooting monitoring role of hunting cameras can also be brought into full play in life. So the application scenarios are: 1. Field detection automatic camera 2. Wildlife infrared camera survey 3. Home security forensics 4. Office anti-theft and evidence collection 5. Anti-theft evidence collection in small and medium supermarkets 6. Forestry system, scientific research, environmental protection, animal outdoor monitoring or field detection 7. Monitoring of key areas such as orchards, rural areas, forest farms, reservoirs, fish ponds, etc.

Hunting cameras are now rare in China. However, the United States, which likes to explore in the wild, has a mature market. The United States is the largest market for hunting cameras, while the hunting camera market in China has not yet been tapped. In other words, China’s hunting camera market has huge prospects and potential. Whoever gets the first chance is the winner!

Now, some domestic manufacturers have slowly developed custom hunting cameras, but not as many as digital cameras. From the Alibaba wholesale search, only a few can be found.

There are two types of hunting cameras launched by Shenzhen Gaodi Digital: H6W and H8W. All are smart hunting cameras with powerful wireless WiFi. With 240 days of long standby time, tens of thousands of photos can be taken. 0.2S sensor camera speed, infrared night vision shooting, and WiFi wireless monitoring. It has a very complete set of functions suitable for shooting in the field.
In fact, to be truly dedicated, different applications must use different professional cameras. In order to get the best and most convenient effect. For example, drone aerial photography must use a professional aerial camera; sports must use a professional sports camera; on-site evidence collection must use a professional law enforcement recorder; vehicle recording must use a professional driving recorder; home monitoring must use a family Dedicated network surveillance camera; self-use projection must use a special portable built-in mini projector… And these, Gaudi SmarTone with 20 years of production experience have all, all professional!

Post time: Nov-06-2020